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APEX Office Edit (AOE) allows you to securely create, edit, share, and collaborate on documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OpenDocument, Text) stored in the Oracle database without ever leaving your browser. With APEX Office Edit (AOE), it's easy to provide seamless and secure online document editing functionality to your Oracle APEX applications without costly Microsoft Office licenses.

Learn more at the APEX Office Edit website.

Cloud vs. On-Premises

There are two types of license types available:

  • a cloud version, which will send the requests to an APEX Office Edit (AOE) server in the cloud.
  • an on-premises version, which includes the server component of APEX Office Edit. This version is a docker image you run on your server, and in the APEX plug-in, you reference your local version of APEX Office Edit. In this case, nothing is sent to our AOE cloud.